Agfa Click-I

The Agfa Click-I was the very first camera I took pictures with. Long time ago, of course, when I was a little child. The Click is a simple bakelite camera perfect suited for a beginner in photography. I remember I took black and white pictures only because color film and color prints were quite expensive in the 1970s.

Technical data: 6 x 6 negatives on 120 rollfilm, two apertues of approx. f/11 and f/16 marked “Sunny” and “Cloudy” on the shutter barrel, a third setting is for the integreated yellow filter (aperture f/11). The lens is fixed-focus with a focal length of 72 mm, the shutter speed for the simple rotary shutter is fixed at 1/30 sec.

The manual recommends a film speed of 17° DIN for sunny or overcast conditions, 21° DIN for bad weather and 23° DIN for low light or indoors.  Following those numbers which correspond to 40 ISO, 100 ISO and 160 ISO, with heavy clouds in the sky  I tried a roll of Ilford DELTA 100 Professional:


3 thoughts on “Agfa Click-I

  1. I just found one for 50 cents in a thrift shop. Works fine. Like your pics. I think I might go with the Ilford also .

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