Kodak No.2 Beau Brownie

Kodak’s No.2 Beau Brownie is a box camera for 120 film. The camera was designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, the front face is of two-tone enamel and shows a typical Art Deco design. The camera was produced in five colors: black, rose, blue, green and tan. The metal body is covered with imitation leather in a color matching the front. While the black, blue and tan models were on the market from 1930 to 1933, the green and rose models were withdrawn in 1931 and therefore are quite rare, especially the rose ones.

As usual for a box camera settings are quite limited. Focus is fixed, and so is the shutter speed  (somewhere at 1/50 sec.), there is only a bulb mode for long time exposures. And you’ve got 3 possible apertures called large, medium and small in the manual. I was not able to find information regarding the exact f-stops. But from measuring the focal length (105 mm) and the diameter of the apertures (7, 5 and 4 mm), you get about f/16, f/22 and f/32. Following the “Sunny 16” rule a film with 50 ISO would be perfect for a sunny day. This might also match the sensitivity of film available in 1930 when the Beau Brownie was made.

I tried a roll of ADOX CHS 100 ART (100 ISO) on an overcast day which worked quite well:


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