Rolleicord I Model 1 “Art Deco”

The Rolleicord was the simpler, less expensive version of the Rolleiflex TLR by Franke & Heidecke. There were various models starting with the Rolleicord I in 1933 and ending with the Rolleicord Vb in 1976. The Rolleicord I was a simplified version of the Standard Rolleiflex K2: a film advance knob instead of the crank, a cheaper Zeiss Triotar f/4.5 F=75mm lens replaced the Zeiss Tessar of the Rolleiflex. The Compur shutter allows for speeds from 1 sec to 1/300 sec and T & B with apertures from 4.5 to 32.  The negative size is 6 x 6 cm on 120 rollfilm.

The Rolleiflex I Model 1 was available with regular leather surfaces or equipped with diamond pattern metal covers. Those meatal covers gave the camera it’s name “Art Deco Rollei” or “Tapetenrollei” in German (“Tapete” means wall paper).


One thought on “Rolleicord I Model 1 “Art Deco”

  1. rollei TLRs are beautiful arent they? i got myself a rollei copy TLR by yashica, and its beautiful as it is! haha. i havent used it yet though, but as it was my first TLR, the large viewfinder is a wonderful experience.. even if mine is a bit grubby at the moment. its almost like a large LCD screen!

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